Give customers a sign!

Ways to promote your new business with next to no money.

 1. Use your car or van.

Red Bull

You don't need to go this far to get noticed

At the very least make sure you have your web site address and telephone number on your rear window but if you can – make your vehicle stand out with decals. It’s not too expensive in these days of computer graphics to make your vehicle into a mobile advert.

If you don’t want to permanently mark your car because you are thinking depreciation, you can always go for magnetic signage – not as effective but much better than nothing. And when you are in the supermarket car park – make sure you have a nice big advert to put into your windscreen while you are shopping! Tesco or whoever might not like it but there’s not much they can do about it!

What if you think your car doesn’t give off the right kind of image for your business? Unless you are in a sector where image is everything, provided your car is at least clean and tidy, you are probably better off using it to promote your business. Getting your name into the market place is vital and your vehicle can help you do that very cheaply. Remember the points of contact rule. People need to come across you about four times before they start to contact you – a leaflet, an advert, a shop window poster, your vehicle – for example. Your name starts to register – and the more they see it, the more likely they are to call you.

 I will be adding a link to this post for tips about designing signage very shortly.

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2 Responses to Give customers a sign!

  1. seo india says:

    i still dont know whether i agree with you on this one or not. but its good arumentative post.

    • Peter Morgan says:

      Thanks for your feedback – sorry I’m so slow in responding -been off the blog case owing to family reasons. Was there a specific point in the post that concerned you?

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